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Setting strategies is an innovation process

Insight Posted on 20 Jul, 2011 20:44

Our approach to help organisations efficiently improve performance and create value by driving productivity and profitable growth, is based on the view that defining, planning and executing strategies is an Innovation process, in which all activities, including the development and strengthening of capabilities, should be integrated. This view enables us to combine best practice methods developed for strategic planning and innovation management.

The method 1-2-3 Action! is inspired by the success of companies, like Apple, that adopted the concept of design thinking, which is a multidisciplinary results-oriented innovation process that puts end-users, consumers or clients first. Our process is similar to the celebrated IDEO innovation process that comprises three stages: 1) Inspiration, 2) Ideation and 3) Implementation.

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New Blog

News Posted on 20 Jul, 2011 20:28

In our new blog, we will inform you regularly on news, novel insights and trends we spotted that may help you drive profit and volume growth.